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One-on-One Personal Empowerment Coaching

Client Experiences

A few things were going through my head when I first started my 12 week coaching with Anthony, like I’m not sure if I am the right candidate, and I’m not sure if this will work. I very quickly realized that I was the perfect candidate. Because I was skeptical at first I made it a point to really follow all of the exercises closely and write down responses, thoughts and feelings. I decided to put my best foot forward.

As a result of putting in the effort and time to exam myself and my needs, I got more out of the program than I could have ever anticipated. The program is great for people who have lots of ideas and always plan to do this or that, but never get to all of these things for one reason or another. The program is for people who say they don’t have time. The program is for anyone who may need an accountability partner, or a supporter. The program is for people who don’t know how amazing they can really be.

I learned that I am not self-motivated. Despite the number of volunteer events I attend, or the number of classes I sign up for, the fact remains that when it comes to actually doing something with my life I need someone to remind me to get moving. Anthony not only became my accountability partner for 12 weeks, but he showed me steps to setting goals and actually achieving them on my own.

At the beginning of the program we set goals and used anchors to act as visual reminders throughout the day or week of those goals. We talked about the steps to get there, and set a plan in motion. As we worked toward the set goals each week we also added another layer by learning new things and digging deeper into what I needed as an individual. We discussed stress recognition and how to bring yourself down when you are stressed. We also took a look at the wheel of life, to assess what things in life were going well, and what areas I could improve upon.

The weekly exercises were important for overall satisfaction. They are a way to look at all aspects of life and look at things differently. By looking at life in a more positive light, the challenges seems less challenging, and the accomplishments are that much sweeter.

For those of you who are thinking about taking this 12 week program, I say do it! It is an amazing course that I feel is designed to teach people to nurture themselves so that they can do what makes them happy in life. After 12 weeks in the program I have decluttered my apartment, learned how to better deal with stress, and I published a book. The most important thing that I will take away from this experience is the mentality that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Thank you for taking me through this program Coach Anthony!

Kirsten D.